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Diabolo 700 SE kit

Diabolo 700 SE kit

Diabolo 700 SE

Diabolo SE Diabolo SE Diabolo SE
Diabolo SE Diabolo SE Diabolo SE
Diabolo SE Diabolo SE Diabolo SE
Diabolo SE  


Technical datas

  • Main rotor diameter: 1,56-1,60m (blade length: 690-710mm)[theroretical blade length up to 742mm]
  • Two stage, quiet running, helical delrin gear with enlarged width
  • Gear reduction 1:8.56 - 1:13.1
  • 12mm mainshaft
  • 10 mm spindle
  • Quiet belt driven tailrotor
  • Tailrotor diameter: 290-320mm
  • Length with canopy: 138 cm
  • Length w/o canopy: 122 cm
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Skid width: 20 cm
  • Hanging battery mount on a locked battery rail for a high CG
  • Battery tray: 64 mm high, 64 mm wide
  • Rotor direction clockwise, recommended headspeed 1300-2200 rpm

Recommended Equipment

There is a wide range of usable motor and controllers, so we will mention the limits and one typical part.

Motor: 4025-5030 (dependend from gear type), typical 4025/560 or 4525/530
ESC: <8s: z.B. Hobbywing 150AV5, YGE Saphir; >8s: YGE Aureus 135, 205HVT, Hobbywing 130, 160, 200 or Kontronik Kosmik
Swash servos: HV servos
Tailservo: f.e. Futaba BLS 276
Receiver: f.e. Futaba 6303
FBL-System: Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi, Spirit, Futaba CGY 760R (with Futaba-Tx),
Battery: 6s/5000, 7s/4400, 8s/4000, upto 12s/5000


When on IRCHA 2011 the first Diabolo was shown on display and won the new IRCHA Speed-Cup, was already on the reactions on the booth to anticipate that this model will become a big success. The extreme mechanical stability, combined with a high agility in flight and paired with a new design was soon very popular and resulted in many sold kits. During the time special theme models like the Triabolo, the Diabolo S, a 550, 600 and 800 and also some low-weight-models and also a Nitro appeared on market.

During the years new parts like the Buffer caps found place in the models, the flight styles have changed and new production techniques came up. So we got from Peakaircraft for IRCHA 2021 the wish for a new "showroom model" to figure out opinions and wishes from pilots to have informations for future models. This model was not planned for selling. But Peakaircraft got a number of orders on the booth. After that we were forced then to bring this prototype to series and now, six month later, the Diabolo SE is available in series.

Concept: The maingear of the Diabolo has shown over the years its high reliability. So it was a logical step to continue it, also in the aspect of long time spare aviability. The gear is possible in all current versions. The kits comes with the smooth running Delrin gear with the gear width of the Black Edition.

The rotor head is now completely 1:1 transformed. So also under high cyclic and collective pitch rates there is no difference in the blade angle. For this the arms and hub was designed new to provide more travel at the closer arm. The linkage below the swashplate was also modified. The servos are now more inside the frame so that the linkage is on the outside of the servo arm. The rotorhub can be ordered alternatively as dampened version or for hard 3D in a rigid version. 

The battery mount is also new. Following the trend to mount smaller batteries now the tray is more to the front, fixed against movings backwards and fasted locked with two carbon clamps besides.

Also following a trend is the possiblity now to fly the Diabolo SE without supports. Therefore the boom is a bit thikcer, there is an insert in the critical area and additional a conic torque inducer to reduce the stress on the material on hard movements. For those who like supports and also for hardest 3D use a boom support set is also optionally available.

The gear mesh is now (thoretically) adjustable. Theoretical means that the upper bearing block comes factory adjusted with a correct mesh for normal temperetaures, but can be also adjusted with thin washers for use in extreme areas (f.e. polar circle, hot desert zones)

The mainframe of the Diabolo SE was consequently cleaned from now unnecessary parts and equipped particulary with new ones. Cutouts for easier built and maintenance were added and the overall weight of the frame is again very light.

The landing gear is completely new designed. It is now full carbon with printed spacers and designed in that way that no splitting force is coming on the carbon parts. Current test showed the stbility of these struts. The aluminum landing gears are optionally still available.

Der use of 3D-printed parts that we already used in the Diabolo Nitro, resulted in a very flexible system of parts and high mounting comfort, especially for the speed controllers. For several types from Kontronik, YGR and Hobbywing available (if they have a screw mounting). The classical mounting with tape and cable tyes is also still possible.

A nice feature is the included servo controlled rotordisk break that helps to go after a landing on hard ground like concrete and asphalt faster thru the critical resonance frequence.

The Diabolo typical canopy design will be continued. You can choose between all exiting canopies, also the 600 classic (with ball joints from the 600 on the swashplate).

Parts for an 800 conversion are also available.

Note: We complete and finish each kit after order because of some choices that are possible. So the typical delivery time is between two and four weeks. If a essential parts is missing then also sometimes even longer.

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