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Diabolo 550 kit

Diabolo 550 kit


The kit contains all mechnical components for the assembly of a complete model including white canopy and decals. Blades are not included. The canopy can easily covered with colored foil.


Download Manual Diabolo 550 (PDF / 38MB)  


The Diabolo 550 is the starter size in the Diabolo family and the smallest model we produce and offer. Target of development was a daily-to-use after-work model that fits well in the luggage rooms of cars using 6s batteries that can easily be loaded for some nice flights in the late afternoon or in the evening sun. The construction is designed with a landing gear made for landings on rough surfaces and needs no flying fields. Another target was to get a model of minimized weight to save the battery during hard flights or to get long flight times.



The first optical appearance is a scaled down Diabolo 700, either the pure mechanics or as complete model with canopy as well. But on a closer view the model shows many details that are based on the smaller model size.

The mainshaft diameter was used from the Diabolo 700, also the spindle diameter of 8mm. The tailshaft is here 5mm. All shafts are hardened to have in daily use more than enough reserves. In the extra light swashplate the especially for the Diabolo swashplate produced ball bearing with extreme small tolerances is used.

All bearings blocks are smaller and also thinner now. To compensate this for the 550 the highest strength aluminum is used.

The belt drive is here with a relative small front pulley and combined with the relative short boom. So a belt tensioner is not necessary.

New on a minicopter model are the stucked CF stiffeners in the tailboom area to get here a box with a maximum of strengthness.

For the electric cables there are several holes and mounting points for cable tyes to make the cable mounting fast and easy. For the receiver and flybarless system there are two platforms integrated with enough space.

The flight battery is mounted with three rubber rings that can be easily attached from below and, base3d on silicon tubes on the contact points the battery cannot move in flight. For a smaller battery than 6s/5000 a distance pas is included.

The tailrotor is identical to the Diabolo 700. The mainrotor uses instead the swash driver lever pair a single arm driver integrated in one of the two blade grip arms. So the system is mechanically clean designed and produces no inner tension that stresses the material of the control arms and rods. This patentend system is called “SRC” (single rod control). The second blade control arm is equipped with a right-left-threaded rod for adjusting the blade tracking. For a maximum of safety all ball links are those with 6mm balls from the big Diabolo.

The servos are to reduce weight midi size. Especially the types with metal gear are meanwhile nearly as strong as standard size servos, relative cheap and small and so perfect for the Diabolo 550. We recommend using the extra reliable MKS types here. For the tailservo a midsize or standard size servo can be used as well.

As motor the Pyro600-11 and the X-Nova 4020-1000 with minimum 23mm shaft length are perfect.

The LV ESC must have an integrated HV-BEC. Especially 3D pilots prefer a HV setup.



As for a minicopter model typical the Diabolo 550 has a wide and universal range of use. You can fly it as a smooth Sunday afternoon model or very agile. Owners of a big Diabolo are very fast familiar with the Diabolo 550. You can either fly it with lower rpm (~1600) long or you can get the battery empty in a few minutes.


Recommended Equipment

Motor: f.e. Pyro 600-11 or X-Nova 4020-1000
ESC: YGE 90LV, Hobbywing Platinum 120A V4
Swash servos: MKS9767
Tailservo: MKS9780 or Futaba BLS 276 or Savöx 1290MG
Receiver: f.e. Futaba 6303
FBL-System: Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi, Spirit, etc.
Battery: 6s/4400-6s/4500 (6s/5000)


Technical datas

  • Mainrotor diameter: 1,25m (blade length:550mm)
  • Flight weight w/o battery: from 2,1 kg
  • Two stage, silent running helical gear
  • Smooth and easy running belt driven tailrotor
  • Tailrotor diameter: 240 mm (blade length: 80mm)
  • Length with canopy: 106 cm
  • Länge w/o canopy: 99 cm
  • Height: 32 cm
  • Skid width: 18 cm
  • Hanging battery with O-Ring mount for a high CG
  • Battery tray: 54 mm high, 52 mm wide
  • Rotor direction clockwise
Diabolo Diabolo Diabolo
Diabolo Diabolo Diabolo
Diabolo Diabolo Diabolo
Diabolo Diabolo Diabolo

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