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Diabolo Black Edition kit



Download Manual Diabolo Black Edition V2 (01.08.2017) (PDF / 50MB) 


The Power-Diabolo

The Diabolo Black Edition is a variety to the very universal Diabolo 700 model with the strongest drive train (except the all metal gear of the Diabolo S) we ever offered. It has its main use for pilots that love hardest 3D flight. For this the light and stiff frame of the Diabolo L was combined with the drive train from the Diabolo S with a full PEEK gear (PEEK is an extra high strength, extra high temperature high tech Polymer).

The flight items of this model are outstanding. Right now we found no power combination that is stronger than the gear. Additionally all aluminum parts are black anodized to give the model a decent understatement. The use of a Kontronik Kosmik is prepared in the kit, also a Hobbywing 160/200 and a YGE 205 are supported with special mounting sets.


Recommended Equipment

It is recommended to equip the Black Edition with high power components that the full strengthness of the gear can be used.

Motor: upto X-Nova Tareq Edition 50/530, Pyro 850
ESC: Kosmik 200, Hobbywing 160/200, YGE 205
Swash servos: f.e. Futaba BLS 272, BLS273, BLS275
Tailservo: f.e. Futaba BLS 276
Receiver: f.e. Futaba 6303
FBL-System: Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi, Spirit, Futaba CGY 760R (with Futaba-Tx),
Battery: 12s/5000


Technische Daten

  • Main rotor diameter: 1,56-1,60m (blade length: 690-710mm)[theroretical blade length up to 742mm]
  • Weight ready to fly w/o battery: from 3,8 kg [with Kosmik 200 and 5025 motor]
  • Two stage, quiet running, helical gear, both stages from PEEK/steel
  • 12mm mainshaft
  • 10 mm spindle
  • Quiet belt driven tailrotor
  • Tailrotor diameter: 290-320mm
  • Length with canopy: 138 cm
  • Length w/o canopy: 122 cm
  • Height: 39 cm
  • Skid width: 20 cm
  • Hanging battery mount on a locked battery rail for a high CG
  • Battery tray: 64 mm high, 64 mm wide
  • Rotor direction clockwise, recommended headspeed 1400-2200 rpm


Black-Edition Black-Edition Black-Edition
Black-Edition Black-Edition Black-Edition
Black-Edition Black-Edition


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