Webra Speed 40 HB

As fixed pitch model the Heli-Baby needs an extra reliable working heart with flat torque curve, good power output, a linear operating carburetor and good stating items. The first in 1975 offered motor for the Heli-baby was the older Webra 40 "Made in Germany" from the late 60s with nose piston, cross porting and two needle TN-carburetor and gave the model in combination with the small (but vertical downwards blowing) muffler an acceptable but not excellent power. But the hovering with the really not linear working carburetor was difficult. In 1976 Webra introduced the new Speed 40 "Made in Austria" with Schnurle porting, that was also offered from Schluter. This from Schluter "HC" called motor had additional a flat housing cap with countersunk screws, an additional crankshaft distance shim. The carburetor was like before the TN. The Speed 40 was at this moment the best availablbe motor for the Heli-Baby Thinking about this I made a request by Webra if it would possible to get this motor in this old version and they agreed to produfce some.
The new produced motor offers now the following items:
- Dykes piston ring with aluminiumpiston and straight steel cylinder
- Dynamix-carburetor with 6.5 mm venturi diameter without needle shaft, with acceleration pump for fast speed up (good in emergency situations) special linkage arm
- countersunk screws in the rear housing cap
- distance shim 1.5 mm for fan
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Webra Speed 40 HB
Glow plug mount
The motor is running fine with CP 5% (green). More Nitro costs only money and does not bring any advantage here. The idle running items are very good and the sound is smooth in combination with the Heli-Baby muffler from Zimmermann. The only differnec in the justation of the Dynamix is that the idle needle is working in the different direction. Turning clockwise means richer, counter-clockwise is leaner mixture. For the running in and the first justations the use of an electric start belt #S979 is highly recommended. After the correct justation was found the motor starts also from hand with the leather belt #S989. As glow plug a standard OS 8 is fine, but it makes sense to change the glow plug early enough. That means when the wire begins to get a rough surface. Change this cheap parts in frequently periods to get a reliable running motor. For easy checking the plug I have added a hole in the front u-profile to use the long wrench (that is added to the kit) for removing the plug.

Available from Webra oder in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-No. S941).

Zimmermann has made for the Heli-Baby a special designed muffler. The stainless steel muffler fits harmonic in the Heli-Baby frame and ends at the rear edge.
Additional the following modifications were made:
- Narrow mount to fit in combinatio with the Hughes 500 fuselage.
- The outtake is placed in 5 o´clock position (looking from behind) and also in 5 o´clock postion looking from left side. This keeps the model clen in forward flight and also the sensitive tailrotor blades are better protected against oil. Additional the outtake can be lengthened with a short silicon tube that the outtake is under the frame.
- The muffler and the outtake are not placed in crash zones(f.e. landing bow bending area) and will be protected from frame and rear cabin wall.
- The outtake is placed so that the pilot can place for a hand start the left foot on the left skid from the right side without getting contact with the outtake.
- The inner muffler construction is placed in a way that no pressure reflection wave reaches the piston above 13000 rpm and below the thriottle curve is working very linear.
- A pressure nipple is added at the front. The Dynamix carburetor in the Heli-Baby is working well without any tank pressure, however the reaction on idle needle justation is very smooth. This reaction is better with pressure. This everyone must decide for himself. The following flanges are available:
- S942: 2 x 3.6 mm bores with 30.5 mm distance for Webra Speed 40 HB #941
- S975: 2 x M3 threads with 37 mm distance for OS-engines
- S986: 2 x M3 threads with 39 mm distance for Webra Speed 40/50 later production

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop.
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Muffler postion
Muffler position
Pilot and sticks

The pilot is absolutely necessary for the Heli-Baby. His weight is part of the design to get the best CG (directly under the mainshaft with 1/4 filled tank). Otherwise lead or a oversized battery is necessary. On the other hand his orange coloured overall helps in distances of more than 100ft for a better visualization of the model, because the clear canopy does not allow except the door lines any colour scheme. The original Schluter pilot had the ord.-no 735 and and was manufactured from Hasbro. These puppets were also in toy shops available as "GI Joe" or "Action Team". The Schluter pilot had the name "Hard Rock". Unfortunaltely these figures dissapeared from the market in the mid 1980s and from now for the modelers only female pilots from Mattel were available. Today you can find such figures by ebay or similar houses (alternatively "Big-Jim" is fitting, too), current prices are about 20-30 Euro (30-50$) for a figure in good condition (good means without broken neck, arms, legs, fingers, with full hair). A perfect alternative are the figures from The figures are looking very realistic and a lot of nice overalls are in offer. With the original Hasbro figures it is sometimes necessary to remove foots and lower legs and place the figure only with the overall and the shoes. Otherwise it is sometimes (different from figure to figure) not possible to place the pilot on the seat. For this amputation simply bore out the rivets in the foots. This you can replace later thru new ones if you will add the parts again.
A "fun-scale-model" (definition: you may do everything what makes the model nicer and more interesting) like the Heli-Baby looks only really authentic when additional details like sticks, instruments, belts etc. are mounted in the cockpit, which make it more interesting for spectators. The individual phantasy is not limited here. The sticks, especially the cyclic stick, are however difficult to bend. So I have made a small series. The sticks are mounted with one nut each under the seat.

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-No. S977).
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Trim weight for the swash driver

The (single sided) swash driver is producing noticable vibrations during headspeeds above 2000 rpm. The trim weights eliminates these vibrations essentially. Additional washers can be mounted besides or the trim weight can be turned to the shaft.

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-no. 962). Also usable for Bell Huey Cobra, DS22, Gazelle. .

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Trim weight
Trim weight

Distance bushes for tailboom mount

These four distance bushes from exactly defined length provide the best fixing of the tailboom and that this will not be pressed elliptical. All four screws are tightened now in the same strengthness.

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-no. 963). Also usable for Heli-Boy, System 80, Mini-Boy, Superior, Champion, Scout, Junior .

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Tail boom mount
Tailboom bushes

Fine pitch gauges

The flight items of the Heli-baby are dependend from the correct pitch value of the mainblades. The problem is that these best pitch angle is near by zero but not zero. So you cannot use a flat bar to adjust the blades and a custom pitch gauge is not working exact enough with the Clark-Y airfoil of teh Heli-Baby.
With these two accurately milled fine pitch gauges the correct angle can be adjusted with pressing the blades against the flat lower side of the blades. Then the parallel justation to the flybar follows. The angle can be adjusted fast and simple with a small pliers bending the upper blade mount sheet. Aditional the blade tracking can be adjusted easy. For pure hovering the one degree gauge is fine, for additional forward flight the .5 gauge should be used.

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-No. 961) .

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Pitch gauges 0,5° and 1°

Tail pitch slider bridge

The custom tail pitch slider is made from delrin plastic to copy the historic original part. If the two small washers are mounted besides, the collars are not mounted too closed and on each flight day the slider will be oiled teh lifetime will be acceptable. The tuning pitch slider is made from brass to run reliant under the high speed of the tailrotor. The mount of the ball links must be not tighten. The best way is to move the skider and loos the screws as long as each jam in teh slider has dissapeared. In flight these small play is not noticable.

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop (Ord.-no. 964) .

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Tail pitch slider

Edge Protection

An old problem of the mount of PE-tank bottles in a metal frame is the digging of the frame edges in the soft tank material. To avoid this you can mount these U-profiles onto the tank hole in the frame. So a long lifetime of the tanik is guaranteed. In the Heli-Boy this profile can additionally used to hold the tank in the frame and no rubber band is more necessary. The effectice diameter with the profile is 2mm smaller. The packed length of 0.5 m is snoughfor two rounds around the 16 oz tank of the Heli-Boy. Also these profile is reciommended for cable holes in sharp carbon frames. The folgende profiles are available:
- S958: for 2.0 mm frames
- S959: for 2.5 mm frames

Available in the minicopter Online-Shop.

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edge protection
edge protection

Floats kit

Who has never seen the classical floats that were mounted in the past under the most Heli-Babys? The reason of use was the function of a damper for hard landings and less its original function to land on the water or on snow. Also it was possible to glide above the grassy ground to prepare the first hovering exercises. Today the floats are used again but now more in its original function to land on the water. The content of the floats carries about 6 kgs, so they are with the Heli-Baby about the half under water. For dry use the floats should be blown up only 60-70% to avoid jumpf away during hard landings.

Available in the minicopter-online-shop (ord.-no. S771).

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Upgrade for mainrotor Super-Heli-Baby series 1976

The first available Super-Heli-Baby, delivered between 1976 and 1978, had a brass pitch slider block under the mainrotor, on which two arms were mounted, that were responsible between the linkage between blade grip arms and flybar. Problem of this linkage were the excentric mounted ball joints on the flybar which caused on cyclic deflections a collective pulsation on the blades that made the model nervous in the air. To avoid this problem I have designed a small upgrade set. Thru the big centric mounted ball joints no more pulsation is possible and the linkage works as well as the most models on market. A small detail with big effect.

Available in the minicopter-online-Shop (ord.-no. S952)

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Rotorkopf Super-Heli-Baby 1976