Mainrotor diameter: 1000 mm (39.4 in)
    Tailrotor diameter:  190 mm (7.5 in)
    Motor 6,5-7,5 ccm (.40-.46 size) glow engine
    Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lb)
    Radio: 4 Channel, Throttle, Roll, Elevator, Tailrotor , Gyro if necessary


  • Pod and boom helicopter, full aluminium frame with central sandwich structure bulit from 2.5mm dural aluminium sheets and U-profiles

  • Wide between frames 20 mm

  • 20 mm tailboom tightened between frames with long hex screws

  • Full aluminium landing gear, connected to frame with tweo screws, width 300 mm, length 400 mm

  • long front U-profile as carrier for canopy bottom and radio equipment

  • thick and robust tailboom wit integrated cubic aluminium tailrotor housing

  • White plastic rudder and elevator fins mounted with special clamps on the tailboom

  • canopy bottom and rear canopy plate from 2 mm playwood, directly connected with frame

  Motor and gear

  • 6,5-7,5 ccm (.40-.46 size) glow engine with vertical crankshaft and muffler

  • radial fan with milled full aluminium fan wheel and molded fan shroud

  • oversized centrifugal clutch with 40mm diameter and big integrated needle bearing and high temperature friction ring in aluminium clutch bell

  • Single stage gear reduction 1:6 to mainrotor and 1:1 direct drive of tailrotor with toothed belt

  • double ball-raced mainshaft with 7 mm diameter

  • motor start from hand with long rubber band or electric with endless trapezoid belt


  • simple tailrotor housing made from a massive alumnium cube, directly pressed on the tailboom, pressed oversized tailrotor ball bearings

  • tailrotor protection wire made from 2 mm stainless steel

  • double ball raced tailrotor with 190 mm diameter

  • rigid tailrotor hub

  • hollow 5 mm tailrotor shaft

  • tailblade linkage thru hollow tailshaft with 2mm stainless steel wire and stainless steel angled frame.

  • Single ball raced tailgrips with additional cover shims, two part blade grips with connection screws

  • tailrotor blades from light wood