nov 1st 2012: After lots of inquiries I have decided to produce a really last series of 50 Heli-baby kits. The production is starting as soon as 30 kits are preordered. The kits can be preordered in the minicopter Shop. Each one will be informed as soon as the production is starting.  
feb 1st 2009: The floats kit is available. The Heli-Baby Hughes 500 fuselage kit from 1977 is available soon as small replica series. For the Super-Heli-Baby some essential spare parts like the mainrotorshaft will be available soon. Also he S-rotorhead from 1979 will be available during 2009.  
aug 7th 2008: The first Super-e-Heli-Babys are ready to ship.  
may 20th 2008: The electric Heli-Baby is ready and the first kits leaved the factory. There will be available a classis fixed pitch version and a modern collectice pitch version. Link to the model-museum added. Some pics added to the gallery.  
apr 16th 2008: After some requests I have added to the menu a link to the minicopter shop. Alternatively you can click on the blue Heli-Baby logo in the upper left corner.  
Klicken Sie für die Vergrößerungapr 07th 2008: The "Rotor" magazine from april 2008 offers a big review (7 pages) of the Heli-Baby and a long interview of Dieter Schluter about the making of the Heli-Baby. Look at .
- The test flights of the electric Heli-Baby are running. The battery will be a 5s or 6s pack with upto 4000 mAh. The original gear reduction will be continued. After lots of requests especially inner Europe I have decided to make also a series of the electric-Baby that will be continued permanent. The tailboom is lighetr than the classic version, the frame is carbon made and most aluminium parts are black anodized. Der kit will be avialable soon.
- The 4C-Baby will be continued in fall, currently no time and there is still a mlot of work.
- Who is interested in seeing the Heli-Baby live can do it on the "Intermodellbau" toy fair in Dortmund/Germany from april 16th to april 20th on the "aeronaut" booth Otherwise a lot of Heli-Babys will be shown on the big antique helicopter meeting in Switzerland from may 31th to june 1st 2008. Details you can find by
mar 23th 2008: First flight of the e-Heli-Baby. First Impression: The model is flying very quiet, rock solid and extremely smooth, the overall weight is 2.8 kg with a 5s/4000 battery.
Some small equipment parts added. Contact form was improved.
feb 25th 2008:. Parallel to the test flights of the reproduced Heli-Babys I built prototypes of an electric and a four cycle version of the Heli-baby. These both versions in my opinion are so interesting that I have conclused to share my experiences on two separate pages (e-Heli-Baby and 4C-Baby).
So simple the Heli-Baby is, the bulit and especially the special flight items seem to need some additional "education", so I have added the main topic "Practise" and the integrated topics "Built" and "Flight".
feb 18th 2008: Webra informed me that the old mold for the production ofv the Speed 40 housings is damaged and only a rest of 15 Speed 40 motors now is still available. I have stocked them all because in my opinion the Speed is one of the best .40 engines ever built. These are motors in finest surface quality with the calsiics housings without the side mount screws. To mount the muffler in the usual way Webra has added two M3.5 threads in the exhaust flange.  
jan 24th 2008: The second small series of 30 kits is available from end of january. I am proud about the high number of inquiries but I will limit the production at these two series, because the production of clutches and fans needs a lot of time I do not have. Those, which have preordered a model, I will inform end of month when the series is ready to ship. Of course some single kits are not sold yet.
The e-Heli-Baby is planned for march, the prototype is flying in february. The model will be powered from a 5s battery, outrunner engine and 40 amps controller. Exact results are published here about mid of february. Currently I try to reduce the weight of the electric prototype a little bit.
The page "Links" was added and the page equipment was filled.
For people that do no want to saw the plywood parts for themselves, Thomas Walchshofer from Austria offers ready milled plywood sets. Please look on the "Links" page.
dec 24th 2007 The first series is sold out and will be shipped with a small duration (the last submanufacturer parts arrived yesterday) after christmas. A second small series I will produce during january. People with interest for a kit should place their name on a pre-order list that I know how many parts I must produce.
After often requests I will design also a modified version for an electric drive, because you can also fly the model wonderful indoor (small rotor,light soft wood rotorblades)and because it is a nice "fun-scale-model". The modifications are relative easy, but first I must try how good a fixed pitch rotor works in combination with an electric drive and what are the best components. Also please mail your interest for an electric version.
Kits and spares were added to the minicopter Online-Shop ( The reproduced original parts have now an "S" (for Schluter) before the number and the old numbers I will keep, so everybody can easy find orientation from old plans etc. Some now not more used parts like the flat belt rolls, the flat belt for itself of course are missing and the (few) modernized replacement parts are placed from # S999 downwards.
Webra has added a specialized motor for the Heli-Baby, the "Webra Speed 40 HC DY". The motor has a Dykes piston-ring and a Dynamix-carburetor. I will add some countersunk screws M3.5x10 for the motor housing cap, a 1.5 mm washer for the fan and a longer carburetor linkage to each motor. Ord.-no S941
dec 16th 2007: As I have planned the first kits will be complete before christmas. They can be ordered in the minicopter-Online-Shop. But only a few of kits are still available. If enough interest will exist I will think about a second small series. But this is not fixed because I have during the next time some new projects.